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Last updated 20th November 2012

This page contains a few odds and ends of software that I have written. All are free for personal use and are offered without warranty or liability and remain the copyright of Richard Hanson. They are free to use for private purposes.

If you wish to use any of these programs in a commercial setting, please contact me.

Please click here to contact me if you have any questions.

The programs are as follows: (1) a voice editor for the Yamaha SY22, SY35 and TG33 synthesisers for Windows and Atari ST; (2) a Wave File Leveller for Windows and also for Linux; (3) a WAV File Splitter for Windows.

Please feel free to download and try these programs, but if you use them please give a donation, however small, to show your appreciation. Just click on the button on the right.

• Wave File Leveller

This is the latest version of my Wave File Leveller program. It will measure the level of a file and amplify it or attenuate it to a target level: the program uses the average perceived levels of the files (rather than peak normalisation) as this produces a more accurate result. A group of files can also be measured and the average taken between them, so that tracks in an album maintain their relative levels. The program has a built in limiter to prevent clipping, although very rarely the program may report that a sample was clicked - as long as the number of samples is very small then this is not a problem, it is simply a side effect of the limiter calculations. The current version is 4.1 (version number appears in the top right of the user interface). The user interface is improved over the previous version and also the settings can be locked to prevent inadvertantly changing them. An external encoder can be used to convert the output wave files to MP3. The program defaults to settings for LAME.

In addition, input and output fades can be set up in order to mitigate any clicks at the start and end of tracks from albums with continuous audio.

Version 4.1 adds a proper limiter, rather than the basic limiters offered by the previous versions. A simple 'light' flashes during processing to indicate when the limiter is in action. Also it is now possible to interrupt processing.

Version (25th June 2009) adds support for 24 bit and 32 bit files and now if you right-click any of the track bar settings you will be able to type in a value.

Version (1st July 2009) has a few minor tweaks to the progress reporting.

Version (17th October 2010) can now select field separators of either two underscores (original) or space-dash-space (what the rest of the world uses!)

Version 4.3 (20th November 2012) has a few minor bug fixes, plus the amplification target now goes down to -36dBFS.

Native Linux version below

Downloaded the zip file, unpack it somewhere, run the setup program and it will install the program and a shortcut will be added to your start menu. Note that the program requires .NET framework version 2.0.

If you find a bug then please report it to me using the contact link at the top of the page detailing the nature of the problem - "it doesn't work" is not helpful without telling me what doesn't work!

Uploaded 20th November 2012, Version 4.., 359k download

• Wave File Leveller for Linux version 1.0.1

This program is nearly identical to the Windows version. You can download the source files of this version or a compiled binary. It was build under KDE Release 3.5.2

Version 1.0.1 - this corrects a very silly fault in version 1.0 that would not perform amplifications of less than 1.0x (okay, attenuations!)

Uploaded 14th July 2006, Source 620k download / Binary 48k download

• WAV file splitter version 1

This file extracts individual sound events from a WAV file. I wrote this to facilitate the extraction of sounds from sample CDs. It is a command line tool. Download the zip file and extract the executable file to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or equivalent) so that it is available from the command prompt without having to muck around with any environment variables.

Uploaded 27th March 2006, 27k download

• Windows Voice editor for Yamaha SY22, SY35 and TG33

Allows these now ageing synthesisers to be programmed completely - options from the synth front panel are very limited, with this program you can edit all the FM parameters. This is version 2.2 and has improved TG33 support.

NB: ensure that the MIDI channel set in the program is the same as the Basic Receive Channel of the synth.

Uploaded 1st December 2001, 1,138k download

• Atari ST Voice editor for Yamaha SY22 and SY35

Predecessor to the above, but for Atari ST. Old and no longer maintained, but it works. Includes source code.

Uploaded 1st December 2001, 65k download

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